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GreenToTee Golf Training and Junior Golf Camps

at The Golf Practice
1582 Old Deerfield Rd.
Highland Park, Illinois 60035

847.850.0956 and 847.405.9800


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Women's Learn-to-Play-Golf Program

Ever since the game of golf was invented on the barren Scottish seaside some 400 years ago, it has been recognized as a game that creates and nurtures special bonds among people.

Family, friends, business associates – as much as anything, those human relationships are what golf really is all about. Hours out on the course enjoying the natural elements of sun, trees and breeze punctuated by conversation, laughter, and shared frustration.

Golf can be a game of enduring intimacy. And that is something worth improving upon.

  • Make-over your game now in time for spring
  • Have fun, stay fit, make friends enroute to a better golf tomorrow


The following types of golfers would benefit from our Women's Learn-to-Play-Golf program:

  • Total Beginners—“No Embarrassment Clinics” For those who have never touched a club.
  • Experienced Beginners—For those who want to play better and feel more comfortable playing with anyone (including husbands, friends) and want measurable improvement – if you do not keep score yet, this is where you fit.
  • Intermediate Players—If you want to lower your handicap or establish one…
  • Advanced—Competitive 18-hole players who want to make serious improvements as they prepare to play in events, leagues, clubs and amateur tournaments.


All year long. Call 847.405.9800 to register.