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Mental Golf Profile to Improve your Golf Mind


Golf Mental Profile

Mental ProfileWinning the Mental Golf Game

Yes, the mental portion of the game of golf certainly affects how you continue to play. Think about how long it takes you to let go of a bad shot or a poor decision. One swing? One round? How many good shots are you willing to sacrifice over one bad one?

With our Mental Golf Workshop™ you’ll learn to conquer the mental game by understanding and controlling the behaviors that keep a good round from becoming great.

Do you freeze over your ball trying to remember 100 swing thoughts? Are you a club tosser? A ground pounder? Do you silently steam, or do you yell out in frustration? The Mental Golf Workshop gives you a framework for understanding your individual golf personality and helps you gain a mental and emotional edge over your opponents.

Take the Mental Golf Workshop Profile

This online process asks a series of questions that help determine your attitudes and behaviors on the golf course.

A detailed Profile is generated that explains your traits for five key areas of the game:

  • Preparing for the round
  • Mental tendencies when playing shots
  • Golf temperament
  • Course management and shot selection techniques
  • Working most effectively with instructors based on your learning style

The Profile then briefly explains how you can modify and use these traits to give yourself a mental advantage on the golf course.

While many golfers find that their game improves during instruction, those changes don’t necessarily carry over to the golf course. The Profile allows you to “go inside your own head,” and understand more about what really goes on in your golfing mind. This is the very same profile the Titleist Performance Institute uses with their touring professionals.

Click this button to take the Mental Golf Workshop Profile:

Take the Mental Golf Profile