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Shouldn't It Be Called 'Tee to Green'?


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Shouldn’t It Be Called “Tee to Green”?


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So why do we call ourselves “GreenToTee”? Because the fact is, while powerful drives look impressive, and can set you up for successful approach, most of your strokes take place on and around the green. By starting there, and working your way back up the fairway, through longer and longer clubs, we give your game the foundation it needs to support changes in your swing and your mental approach to the game.

A confident putter knows that once he or she makes the green, they’re down in one or two. So how do you make more greens on fewer strokes? With effective chipping and pitching. How do you guarantee effective chipping and pitching? It starts by hitting an accurate approach shot. And what conditions lead to an accurate approach? How about a long, powerful, accurate drive. And just like that, you’ve worked your way from green to tee.

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