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GreenToTee Golf Training and Junior Golf Camps

at The Golf Practice
1582 Old Deerfield Rd.
Highland Park, Illinois 60035

847.850.0956 and 847.405.9800

Training for a Better Golf Game


Why Not Play Better Golf?


Be the Golfer You
Want to Be


Training for a Better Golf Game


Be Your Own
Golf Instructor


Reviewing the Basics of your golf game to learn how to play better golf


The Advantages of
On-Course Golf Instruction


Why Not Make
More Putts?


Winning the Mental Game


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Shouldn’t It Be Called “Tee to Green”?


Getting Started With the PGA Professionals at GreenToTee Golf Training and Jr Golf Camps at The Golf Practice


Private Golf Training


Group Golf Training






At GreenToTee we have successfully trained all levels of golfers. We teach the “Sundays only” golfers, the first-time golfers, and the seasoned players. We address ways women can modify their play and increase distance. We’ve helped students at the high school, college, and professional levels.

GreenToTee is not “one-size-fits-all” golf instruction. The PGA Professionals at GreenToTee work one-on-one to develop your own planned personal program by using the most effective tools, techniques, and technology to build a better game. You’ll receive instruction tailored to overcome your weaknesses. And, most importantly, you’ll achieve the consistency and confidence you need to execute the necessary shots.

With GreenToTee you’ll enjoy lasting improvements, lower scores, and overall better play. You’ve never had golf instruction like this before.

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